Adverse Possession with Farms

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When does “the back forty” become “the back forty-two”?  The subject of acquiring title to property by adverse possession always seems to generate interest and discussion, but when the facts and the law are peeled back far enough, adverse possession is rare.  Adverse possession is the acquisition of title (not use) to property by possession.  From a practical standpoints, courts …

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Arguments Over Fencelines? Law of Adverse Possession

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Sometimes farms and ranches may have fencelines up for generations and then one day a land survey will tell a different story.  An article by Jay Girvin in the July 18, 2011 issue of Country Folks reminded me about this potential issue affecting the agriculture community.  In these cases, the law of adverse possession applies.  This is a common law …

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Tuesday Links

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As I was trolling the blogosphere this morning, I came across some interesting posts that I thought I’d share: 1.  Because I live in NYC and my country-self tends to be a little naive and trusting, this post reminded me that you can never be too careful (particularly in January with so much traveling taking place for conferences and livestock shows).  And this post might …

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