Ask Cari: Do I Have to Pay my Illinois Employees Mileage?

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I was asked the following question from a local entrepreneur in Central Illinois:  What is the law with regard to reimbursing employees for mileage?  To begin, Illinois has no laws regarding whether an employer must pay for mileage for business travel.  However, if an employer chooses to reimburse for mileage, they should use the rate used by the IRS (currently …

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Saturday Links

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It’s been a busy week.  I have been catching up on my blog feed before heading to the gym.   This is what I found: This month’s Pennsylvania State Agriculture Law Brief has updates on the G-20 Action Plan, Hydraulic Fracturing, and the White House Rural Council. I excitedly received a Google+ invite this week from a respected family law …

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ABA Journal & Blawg Directory

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I have two very exciting announcements today.  First, this month’s  ABA Journal has an article on yours truly!  You can read the full article here. I’m very proud to be one of the few cowgirls in NYC (and I think the only agriculture attorney).  Thank you to all my family, friends, colleagues, support staff, “ag tweeps” and regular blog readers …

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New York Business Structures

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Over the weekend I stumbled across the materials from the First Annual Meeting of New York Agri-Women and reviewed this excellent article titled “Doing Business in New York State:  Structures and Strategies” by Bruce L. Anderson, Brian M. Henehan, and Charles J. Sullivan, Esq. Mr. Sullivan spoke on business organizations at the New York Agri-Women’s annual meeting.  If you have …

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Worthwhile Posts For Start-Up Businesses or the Independently Employed

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I was trolling through the blogosphere this morning and came across some great blogs from Gina Madsen for small business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs: 1.  Have you been considering using your 401(k) to help fund your start-up?  If so, read this first. 2.  If you are some type of self-employed person such as an agriculture free-lance writer, photographer or graphics …

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“Farmers Fight… Farmers Fight…”

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“Fight! Fight! Farmers, Farmers Fight!” If you have ever been to a Texas A & M football game, you have most likely heard this “yell” followed by a “Whooop!” (Please note that Aggies don’t “cheer”- we have “yell” leaders in Aggieland).  If you didn’t know, I’m a proud Fightin’ Texas Aggie and have very fond memories saying this yell while watching the Ags play …

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Tuesday Links

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As I was trolling the blogosphere this morning, I came across some interesting posts that I thought I’d share: 1.  Because I live in NYC and my country-self tends to be a little naive and trusting, this post reminded me that you can never be too careful (particularly in January with so much traveling taking place for conferences and livestock shows).  And this post might …

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