Understanding Payroll as an Employer

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Congratulations! Your business has grown and you are ready to hire your first employee. Where do you begin? What will the employee’s schedule be and how much will the employee get paid? Will your new hire be an employee or an independent contractor—and what is the difference? Did the employee sign an employment agreement? Before your new hire begins, there …

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Ask Kym: What are Force Majeure Clauses?

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You may have heard the term “force majeure” being discussed a lot with regard to parties fulfilling their contractual obligations in light of Coronavirus.  Businesses and individuals, alike, are wondering whether force majeure contract clauses will actually hold-up in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic. Many businesses rely on their force majeure clauses regarding “acts of God,” when they have …

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Ask Cari: Do I Have to Pay my Illinois Employees Mileage?

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I was asked the following question from a local entrepreneur in Central Illinois:  What is the law with regard to reimbursing employees for mileage?  To begin, Illinois has no laws regarding whether an employer must pay for mileage for business travel.  However, if an employer chooses to reimburse for mileage, they should use the rate used by the IRS (currently …

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