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As I was trolling the blogosphere this morning, I came across some interesting posts that I thought I’d share:

1.  Because I live in NYC and my country-self tends to be a little naive and trusting, this post reminded me that you can never be too careful (particularly in January with so much traveling taking place for conferences and livestock shows).  And this post might be helpful if you get in a taxi accident to or from the airport!

2.  Both employers and employees for agribusiness may find this blog interesting about non-compete clauses.

3.  If you are considering wind development on your farm, you should listen here about whether wind energy development depreciates land value.  New York farmers should read these wind power updates from a fellow legal blogger.  It’s also interesting that Mayor Bloomberg has wind development on his mind.

4.  This post summarizes the top agriculture biotechnology new stories in 2009.

5.  I thought that this was an interesting post about whether the agriculture industry could help Detroit rebound economically.

6.  Have some ideas for the U.S. Department of Agriculture about job creation?  Speak your mind.

7.  Here are some recommended “ag tweeps” on Twitter.

8.  In case you missed it, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced that additional funding would be given to dairy producers through the Dairy Economic Loss Assistance Program.

9.  I am excited about the broadbrand grant programs under the Recovery Act for rural areas.

10.  Here’s a simplied interpretaton of the issues discussed in Copenhagen about climate change.

11.  I thought this post about adverse possession in New York was worth noting.

12.  American Meat Institute (“AMI”) agreed that mandatory Country-of-Origin-Labeling (“mCOOL”) violates the North American Free Trade Agreement (“NAFTA”).

13.  Ironically, I just did this last fall.

14.  Who says cowboys don’t know how to cook?

15.  I really like these end-of-year tips for small business owners.  Also, small agribusiness owners should not forget to get their free calendar from the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”).

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