Taking a Moment to Tout the New York Peace Institute

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Each time I fly over New York City, I’m reminded how many people really live here.  I’m just one little light in this big ol’ city full of millions of little lights.  It’s quite beautiful to me, actually.  However, when so many people live in a densely populated area, there are bound to be a few disagreements.  That is where community mediation centers, such as the New York Peace Institute in Brooklyn and Manhattan, can help.

I first learned about the center last December when I completed the 40-hour Basic Mediation Training in order to be qualified to apply for the New York State Agriculture Mediation Program (“NYSAMP”).  I am currently participating in its 12 week apprenticeship program and will take the divorce mediation course next month.

New York Peace Institute handles almost every different kind of dispute (for free!)- including landlord/tenant, neighbor noise complaints, child custody and visitation, personal and/or business debt, breach of contracts, criminal, employment, divorces, property, and special education disputes.  From my experience thus far, the program’s mediators are fantastic and well-qualified.  They have been amazing teachers to me and I can really see how they touch the lives of the people who come into the center.

On a final note, the New York Peace Institute also offers consultation and training services.  I also encourage you to add CEO Brad Heckman’s blog into your RSS Feed.  You can also follow New York Peace Institute on Twitter.

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