What Is The Animal Cruelty Law In Your State?

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I found this great image at TwoEyeBalls.com. You can purchase a print by emailing emily@twoeyeballs.com.

This weekend I discovered that the National Agriculture Law Center has a helpful state-by-state analysis of animal cruelty laws in the United States.  Even though there are several federal statutes that regulate this issue, animal cruelty statutes vary significantly from state-to-state.  It is interesting to pull up the statutes in various states and run a comparison.

Though the National Agriculture Law Center works hard to make sure that the its resources are updated, before relying on the information posted in its Reading Room you are encouraged to speak to an attorney licensed in your jurisdiction.  The law is ever-changing, particularly in the area of livestock animal cruelty law.  There likely is a proposed bill in your state right now on this issue as you read this blog.  Or, a judge in your state might be issuing a decision today that changes the law in your state.  Look at the website.  Use it as a resource.  But it cannot replace the guidance given by a licensed attorney who stays abreast of changes in animal cruelty law.

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