Hey Law Students: Interested in an Animal Ag Short Course?

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This is my brother and me showing in the 1998 Illinois State Fair Champion Simmental Heifer Drive. It's a blast from the past (as if the red Rocky Mountain jeans didn't give it away ...).

Are you a law student interested in learning more about agriculture law?  Prof. Linda Chezem from Purdue University’s Department of Youth Development and Agriculture Education, Attorney Beth Rumley from the National Agriculture Law Center, Attorney Rusty Rumley from the National Agriculture Law Center and Prof. Drew Kershen from Oklahoma University’s College of Law will co-teach a class titled “Animals in Agriculture Production — Law & Policy” at the Oklahoma University (“OU”), College of Law in Norman, Oklahoma from May 13 to May 20, 2012.  The Egg Center at Iowa State University’s Department of Animal Science received a grant to provide scholarships to non-OU students at $2500 for student (covers non-resident tuition, fees, housing and travel).

There is a priority given to law students from University of Arkansas, Pennsylvania State, Drake University, University of Nebraska, Oklahoma City University.  If there are available seats, it will be available to law students from other schools.  For more information, please visit the OU website or email Prof. Drew Kershen at dkershen@ou.edu.

I took the last last summer/fall with other agriculture lawyers and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I recommend it to any law student interested in this subject matter.  It will be a valuable use of time.

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