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I hope everyone is enjoying their Labor Day!  I spent my Labor Day having some good ol’ Texas BBQ and enjoying the street fair in Manhattan.   Here are some links for your Labor Day reading:

1.  I spent Sunday afternoon listening to the U.S. Department of Agriculture/Department of Justice public workshops.  It is definitely worth a listen for livestock producers (particularly cattle folks).   The panel talked a lot about the Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration (“GIPSA”) proposed rule.  I especially liked Panel 1 discussing trends in the livestock industry.  Do you agree that the proposed rule will adversely affect the livestock industry?

2.  As an unmarried girl, I wouldn’t mind this change in the tax code.  But what do you think?

3.  Congrats to the University of Arkansas, School of Law’s LL.M. in Agriculture & Food Law Candidates!  For those of you who are law students and interested in having an agriculture law speciality, check out the fall class schedule.

4.  I happen to agree that the LLC publication requirement in New York is too steep.  It is something to consider before filing your Articles with the Secretary of State.  However, if you have incorporated, do not forget to comply with corporate formalities such as meeting minutes.

5.  I really liked these posts explaining how the estate planning process works and how to convince your parents to get their estate documents in order.  You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink.  I am very passionate about estate planning for farm families and feel that it should be a regular part of conversation.  In fact, I recently opened up a succession planning conversation with my own family.

6.  I’m curious how many of my readers regularly use Skype.  It just introduced 10-Way Video Conferencing and I am excited to experiment here at Rincker Law, PLLC.

7.  If you have a personal injury attorney, watch out for these red flags.

8.  Agri-business owners who use an iPhone might be interested in this application.  Apple has some exciting things in store.  For you law students out there, I agree that the Black’s Law Dictionary iPhone application is excellent.

9.  A nice reminder to get a hobby to keep a healthy balance in life.  A hobby of mine is livestock photography.  I would like to take a photoshop class here in New York City.

10.  Here are some words of caution for those of you considering a veterinary malpractice suit.

11.  I liked Michele’s post on volunteerism in the agriculture industry.  I also had no idea that males waited so long in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program.

12.  Here is an interesting post about the importance of government transparency.

13.  Post-judgment debt collection can include the garnishment of wages and or freezing bank accounts.  If this has happened to you it is important to talk to an attorney licensed in your jurisdiction.  And beware for these types of behaviors from debt collection agencies.

14.  Does your farm dog have some vicious propensities?  Also, if you didn’t hear, New York amended its Pet Trust Law.

15.  So what are your thoughts on the Humane Society of the United States (“HSUS”)?

16.  Food price inflation is at its lowest since 1992.

17.  How much do you think this country’s obesity problem has affected agriculture policy?  Furthermore, how do you think Michele Obama’s garden has affected food policy within the Beltway?

Happy Labor Day!  Remember to honor all the farmers and ranchers who work hard everyday.

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