So What Are Some of Your “Food Rules?”

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Hope you have a wonderful Fourth of July!  I just finished Michael Pollan’s book “Food Rules.”  It’s an extremely quick read.  I agreed with some and disagreed with others.  It got me thinking:  what are some of the “food rules” that my readers use?

When I interned with the American Simmental Association (“ASA”) in Bozeman, Montana many moons ago, Dr. Jerry Lipsey had a few entertaining “food rules” he employed (he didn’t eat chicken):

“Never eat anything narrower between the eyes than you are.”

“Never eat anything that cannot put a dent in your pickup truck.”

Although I greatly enjoy poultry, the cattle girl in me enjoyed them.

After perusing through Pollan’s book, here are a few that I liked:

Rule 1:  “Eat Food.” Excellent idea…

Rule 16:  “Go Food Shopping Every Week.” I’m trying to get better at this so I always have fresh milk, meat and produce.

Rule 30:  “Eat Animals That Have Themselves Eaten Well.” I do, however, disagree with Pollan and enjoy grain-fed meat products.  That said, no matter your beliefs with grass-fed vs. grain-fed, the animal’s nutrition can certainly make a difference in palatability of the meat product.

Rule 31:  “If You Have the Space, Buy a Freezer.” I would do (almost) anything for a deep freezer full of beef from the Rincker Ranch and or other meat products.  However, since I am a Manhattan girl, my freezer full of Trader Joe’s frozen food will have to do for now.  In all seriousness, it’s a lot cheaper to buy meat in quantity.  If you have space for a freezer, I suggest the investment.

Rule 32:  “Eat Like an Omnivore.” Agreed.  Meat is a vital component to a healthy diet.  Food fact of the day:  red meat is the only natural source of Vitamin B12.

Rule 52:  “Have a Glass of Wine with Dinner.” I’m trying to do this more.  Just ask the waitress at Dean’s at 85th and Broadway.

Rule 54:  “. . . Eat Less.” Isn’t that the truth..  In all seriousness, in graduate school I learned that the only thing scientifically linked in the Journal of Medicine to length of life was caloric intake.  Many of us overeat.

Rule 56:  “Eat When You are Hungry, Not When You are Bored.” This is a good rule of thumb for folks.  I oftentimes find myself heading to the snack drawer when I am nervous or trying to keep my mind occupied.

Rule 64:  “Try to Spend as Much Time Enjoying the Meal as It Took to Prepare It.” Wow-now that is a challenge… Recently it has come to my attention that I need to take more time to smell the roses.. and enjoy the wonderful flavors in my meals.

Rule 73:  “Do All Your Eating at a Table.” Guilty as charged.  I oftentimes eat lunch at my desk.

Rule 82:  “Cook.” This is a biggie for me.  In fact, “learning to cook” was on my New Year’s Resolutions list.  2012 isn’t over yet… cooking classes are calling my name.

So what are you favorite “food rules?”  Which do you like/don’t like in Pollan’s book?  Have any of your own?

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