So What Are Some of Your “Food Rules?”

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Hope you have a wonderful Fourth of July!  I just finished Michael Pollan’s book “Food Rules.”  It’s an extremely quick read.  I agreed with some and disagreed with others.  It got me thinking:  what are some of the “food rules” that my readers use? When I interned with the American Simmental Association (“ASA”) in Bozeman, Montana many moons ago, Dr. …

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The Debate on Antibiotics

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Recently Katie Couric’s CBS special on antibiotic use on livestock has the agriculture industry (particularly the National Pork Producers Council) once again defending its practices to American consumers.  The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (“NCBA”) sent Dr. Michael Apley, a veterinary clinical pharmacologist from Kansas State University to Washington to visit with Congress about the use of antibiotics in the beef industry and visit with Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY) and Rep. …

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