What is the Most Important Issue Affecting the Agriculture Industry?

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When I was a child, I was fascinated with globes.  I loved spinning a globe around in my parents’ livingroom searching for far away countries that I learned about in school or on television.  My entire universe was in Central Illinois (with an occasional trip to St. Louis to watch the Cardinals play).  It was hard for me to understand …

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What is the Biggest Legal Issue Affecting the Agriculture Industry?

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In 140 characters or less, the following people on Twitter answered that question as follows: 1.  @PoppyDavis from Washington D.C. – “4 produce: FoodSafety regs that conflict w/ environmental regs & make farmers responsible 4 what happens in process & transit.” 2.  @nycUlla from New York City and Delhi, New York – “I would say consolidation (anti-trust).” 3.  @craig_leach from …

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The Not-So-Simple Definition of “Agriculture Law”

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As I mentioned in my previous blog, I recently joined JD Supra where my documents can be found here.  Today, JD Supra featured my profile on its facebook page. I was asked what exactly agriculture law was from an editor in Florida where I did my best to answer her in limited space.  Since I oftentimes receive this question (lately …

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