New York Agriculture Liens: Stableman’s Lien

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Under Section 183 of NY Lien Law, any veterinarian who renders treatment to or boards any dog, cat, or other domestic animal or person keeping a livery stable, boarding stable or pasturing animals has a lien over the animal and any equipment kept and stored in conjunction with the animal, such as a “wagon, truck, cart, carriage, vehicle or harness”.   Possession of this …

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New York Agriculture Liens: Liens for Service of Stallions or Bulls

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Under Section 160 of NY Lien Law, the “owner of a stallion or bull shall have a lien on each mare or cow served together with the foal or calf of each mare or cow from such service, for the amount agreed on at the time of service. . .”  However, said lien will not be able to be enforced if the owner falsely states the …

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