Ask Kym: Are there Automatic Orders for an Illinois Divorce?

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A very common thought when the divorce process begins is: what if my spouse empties or our bank account?  Different states have different statues regarding what restraints are “automatic” when a divorce litigation ensues.  Some have very ridged and extensive “automatic orders” or “automatic temporary restraining orders” (a/k/a/ “ATRO’s”), while others do not. Illinois does have an automatic stay for: …

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Overview of State Laws Relating to the Amount of Space Given to Farm Animals

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I am speaking today in Atlantic City at the New Jersey State Bar Association’s (“NJSBA”) Annual Meeting on a couple farm animal law issues.  One of the topics that I will be addressing today includes an overview of state legislation/regulation over the amount of space given to farm animals. Seven states have had laws sponsored by the Humane Society of …

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