Ask Kym: Are there Automatic Orders for an Illinois Divorce?

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A very common thought when the divorce process begins is: what if my spouse empties or our bank account?  Different states have different statues regarding what restraints are “automatic” when a divorce litigation ensues.  Some have very ridged and extensive “automatic orders” or “automatic temporary restraining orders” (a/k/a/ “ATRO’s”), while others do not. Illinois does have an automatic stay for: …

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Ask Kym: Factors Illinois Courts May Consider for the Allocation of Pet Responsibility

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After the seminal case of the Marriage of Enders, in 750 ILCS 503(n), Illinois law established the allocation of pet responsibility in divorces.  Here are a few of the factors that a court may consider: Who owns the companion animal; Who pays for the companion animal’s needs; Who takes care of the companion animal’s daily needs; Who walks/plays with the …

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Illinois Employment Law: Overview of Farm Labor Laws

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This expansive outline on farm labor laws was created for the 2018 Illinois Specialty Crops, Agri-Tourism and Organic Conference in Springfield, Illinois. It covers employment classifications (e.g., employer, employee, independent contractor), unpaid farm labor (e.g., internships, apprenticeships, volunteer farm labor, hiring and firing practices, wage and hour laws (including child labor laws), the Family Medical Leave Act, and employee handbooks.

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Chart on Illinois Business Entities

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This helpful chart for Illinois business entities was used for a speaking engagement last spring with Illinois Farm Bureau. It illustrates some of the major differences among different choices of business entities in Illinois including but not limited to sole proprietorship, general/limited partnerships, limited liability companies (including series LLC’s), and corporations. I’m a visual person so I love charts and …

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