Ask Cari: What are Legal Issues to Consider Before Hiring?

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Despite the challenges facing many businesses, some companies are still experiencing growth. If your business is expanding, you may find that it is time for you to make your first hire. As you begin this process, it is critical to note that expansion, while providing a great opportunity to increase productivity and scale, can also expose your business to additional …

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Illinois Employment Law: Overview of Farm Labor Laws

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This expansive outline on farm labor laws was created for the 2018 Illinois Specialty Crops, Agri-Tourism and Organic Conference in Springfield, Illinois. It covers employment classifications (e.g., employer, employee, independent contractor), unpaid farm labor (e.g., internships, apprenticeships, volunteer farm labor, hiring and firing practices, wage and hour laws (including child labor laws), the Family Medical Leave Act, and employee handbooks.

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Agriculture Law: Overview of Farm Labor Law Issues

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[slideshare id=86116441&doc=farmlaborlaws-whatyouneedtoknow-180113203306] I gave this presentation last week at the Illinois Specialty Crops, Agri-Tourism and Organic Conference in Springfield, Illinois. It gives an overview of labor and employment law issues that affect farms and small to mid-sized agribusinesses. It discuss employee vs. independent contractor classifications, unpaid labor, hiring practices, minimum wage and overtime, child labor, Family Medical Leave Act, employment …

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Idaho’s Ag-Gag Law Struck Down

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“Ag gag” refers to anti-whistleblower statutes that prohibit employees from taking pictures and recording video illustrating alleged cruelty to animals, food safety issues, and/or poor working conditions, during the farming process and/or restrict people such as activist and undercover journalists from obtaining illegal access (commonly through job application fraud) onto agricultural operations for this same purpose.  I spoke on “Ag …

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My “Ag Gag” Law Presentation Focusing on Preventative Practices for Farms

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I had the opportunity to speak on “Ag Gag” Legislation this past week before the New York State Bar Association’s Committee on Animals and the Law.  My presentation focused on procedures for farms to help prevent a problem with undercover surveillance from employees.  You can view my presentation below and my handout giving an overview of the laws here. [slideshare id=46222274&doc=aggag-150324092612-conversion-gate01]

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