Recording Available for Food & Ag Law Insurance CLE

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One of the most common questions that I get from food and farm clients has to do with insurance.  It affects every kind of business (including law practices!).  It’s important for food and agriculture lawyers to have a cursory understanding on the breadth of issues that can arise with insurance in dealing with food and agriculture clients.  Because of this, …

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Overview of Business Entities, Liability and Insurance for the Food and Agriculture Producer

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[slideshare id=43294080&doc=grownyc-businessentitiesandinsurance-150107134228-conversion-gate02] I spoke last night to GrowNYC Greenmarket Farmers about choice of business entities, liability, and insurance.  A copy of my presentation is available above.  This presentation gives an overview of business entities (e.g., sole proprietorship, general and limited partnerships, limited liability companies, corporations, cooperatives), trusts and not-for profit corporations for farms and food businesses. It then goes on …

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Watch the Video Lecture: Counseling Food Movement Part 1

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As I noted in this post, I enjoyed presenting at Lawline last month on counseling the local food movement.  There’s so much to talk about so I’m giving Part II of the presentation on November 18, 2013.  In Part I of the presentation, I talk about direct farm marketing, cottage food operation law, liability and insurance.  It runs for about …

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Free CLE: Counseling the Local Food Movement (Part One)

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I gave this presentation to Lawline last Thursday.  It was the first part of a two part series on “Counseling the Local Food Movement.”  I discussed the history of direct farm marketing, current trends, cottage food operations (i.e., home based food processing), liability and insurance.   You can listen to my presentation and get a FREE CLE by clicking here. …

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