Discussion on “Eating Animals” Will Be on Google Wave

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I previously noted that the book discussion on Eating Animals will be on Skype on April 28th; however, Skype does not have video conference cababilities for several people (only audio).  Therefore, I will continue to host the book discussion on Google Wave.  I have recently joined the Skype world – my username is Cari.Rincker.  I look forward to experimenting with Skype for video …

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YPC’s Public Relations Task Force Subcommittees

Rincker Law Ag-vocacy, Food & Ag Organizations, Social Media and Technology 5 Comments

As I said in this blog, I am the Public Relations Chair for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (“NCBA”) Young Producers’ Council (“YPC”).  Last month we had a conference call with folks interested in being on the committee.  I wanted to update those of you who were not able to make the call but are interested in digging in and getting …

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Back from the Finger Lakes Wine Tour with New York Agri-Women

Rincker Law Conferences and Meetings, Food & Ag Organizations, Social Media and Technology 2 Comments

I am back from the New York Agri-Women (@NYAgriWomen) Finger Lakes Wine Tour at Fox Run Vineyards in Penn Yan, New York.  Had a great weekend up in the Finger Lakes exploring the countryside and meeting New York women involved with the agriculture industry.  I am continually amazed on the diversity of New York agriculture.  We got a tour of Fox Run Vineyards and enjoyed …

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AAW Currently Having Mid-Year Meeting in Denver

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Women involved in the agriculture industry from coast-to-coast are gathered in Denver, Colorado today for the Mid-Year Meeting of the American Agri-Women (“AAW”).  I was hoping that I would be able to break away for the conference (and some time for fresh air in the mountains); unfortunately my caseload is keeping me here in NYC.  After reviewing the agenda, I am …

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NYSBA Animal Law Pamphlet Available Online

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The New York State Bar Association (“NYSBA”) Committee on Animals and the Law (“CAL”) has developed a helpful pamphlet summarizing New York animal law (including both farm animal and companion animal law).  It is available online here.  In addition to farm animal cruelty statutes previously discussed on this blog, the pamphlet shines light on two companion animal laws here in New …

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“Farmers Fight… Farmers Fight…”

Rincker Law Ag-vocacy, Conferences and Meetings, Food & Ag Organizations, Food & Ag Policy 1 Comment

“Fight! Fight! Farmers, Farmers Fight!” If you have ever been to a Texas A & M football game, you have most likely heard this “yell” followed by a “Whooop!” (Please note that Aggies don’t “cheer”- we have “yell” leaders in Aggieland).  If you didn’t know, I’m a proud Fightin’ Texas Aggie and have very fond memories saying this yell while watching the Ags play …

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New York Agri-Women To Host Reception and Tours in NYC June 16-18th

Rincker Law Conferences and Meetings, Food & Ag Organizations, Social Media and Technology 4 Comments

I’m very excited to announce details of the first annual reception and New York agriculture spotlight hosted by the New York Agri-Women on June 16-18th.  Several representatives from the national organization American Agri-Women (“AAW”) (@Women4Ag) will be zippng up to NYC after their annual legislative efforts on Capitol Hill.  New York Agri-Women is the new state affiliate of AWW and we’re …

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Spring Cleaning: Do You Have a Health Care Proxy?

Rincker Law Food & Ag Law 2 Comments

As I stated in this blog, I think it is important to make reviewing your own estate plan an annual tradition (I previously suggested to do it each spring right after you file your taxes).  When you review your documents, make sure you have a properly executed health proxy.  If you don’t have one then this spring is the perfect time to make sure it’s …

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New York Agri-Women To Host Finger Lakes Wine Tour

Rincker Law Conferences and Meetings, Food & Ag Organizations 1 Comment

The New York Agri-Women, a new state affiliate of American Agri-Women, will be hosting a wine tour on April 17th at the Fox Run Vineyards located at 670 Route 14 in Penn Yan, New York.  New York Agri-Women will be meeting around 11:30 am that day in the cafe and will tour the vineyard at noon.  There will be a wine tasting at 12:45pm.  …

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Discussion on the Book “Eating Animals” by Jonathan Safran Foer

Rincker Law Ag Book Club, Social Media and Technology 3 Comments

The post office finally delivered my copy of Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer.  I ordered it last week on Amazon so I am now ready to start reading.  I have been pushing off reading this book because I knew it would be a “tough read.”  However, I believe that it is very important for the agriculture industry to read …

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When Is The Last Time You Reviewed Your Estate Plan?

Rincker Law Food & Ag Organizations 3 Comments

I read a great article in the Agriculture Law Update from the American Agriculture Law Association (“AALA”) by Kevin Alerding, Esq., a Partner at Ice Miller, LLP in Indianapolis, Indiana, about reviewing estate plans.  Alerding recommends that folks review their estate plan once a year.  I think this is good advice so it becomes part of your regular routine.  Perhaps after you …

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Need an Excuse to Finally Watch Food Inc.?

Rincker Law Ag Book Club, Social Media and Technology 7 Comments

I admit that I have been proscrastinating myself- afterall, it will just be another movie that will misrepresent modern agriculture.  However, as I have said time and time again on this blog I think it is important for those involved in the agriculture to watch movies like Food Inc. and read books by Michael Pollan and Jonathan Foer (just to …

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