What is a 501(c)(5)?

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You might have heard of a corporation or organization being referred to as a “501(c)(5)”. This reference refers to a specific Section in the Internal Revenue Code (“IRC”) and means it is a not for profit labor, agricultural, or horticultural organization recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”). It will be exempt form federal income taxes. To qualify for 501(c)(5) …

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Legal Structure of Farmers’ Markets

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Kudos to Erin Kee and Jason Foscolo for co-authoring this substantive article on the the choices of entities for farmers’ markets.  I’m teaching the undergraduate food law course at New York University this semester.  Today, I am lecturing on direct farm marketing and local food law.  Erin and Jason’s article was included in the “recommended reading” for today’s lecture. I …

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Recorded Webinars Will Be Available in 2012

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I have received numerous requests to have the Fridays with Cari Webinars recorded so they can be viewed at a later time.  I will have the recorded webinars available for purchase at a later date — likely after the completion of this particular series in Early Spring.  I need to work with the crew at Ranch House Designs, Inc. to …

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