Business Law: General Release for Video-Tapped Testimonials

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My office just drafted a simple general release form for an agri-business client seeking permission to videotape client testimonials and use the recordings online.  I think it’s a great idea to have a simple consent form to use for these types of situations where video-taped, audio-recorded and/or written testimonials are used in marketing materials.  I suggest having language about the …

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Enjoyed Speaking to a College Equine Class Today via Skype

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I had a great time this morning presenting an overview of New York equine law to Prof. Sheila Marshman’s Equine Law at Morrisville State College via Skype.  I gave an overview of our legal system and explained how laws were made. I also gave an overview of livestock animal cruelty law, tort law (including nuisance, horseback rider’s release of liability, …

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