Attracting Stellar Employees for Your Small Business

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The economy is booming, which is excellent news for small businesses, right? In general, it is great news for all businesses. However, it also presents some challenges, particularly for small businesses. According to the June 2019 National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) Jobs Report, small business owners identified the difficulty of finding qualified employees as their single most important business …

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Interview with Dr. Temple Grandin

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I have previously noted on this blog my admiration for Dr. Temple Grandin as an animal scientist.  She truly is an extraordinary woman and has done so much for the livestock industry.  Last night, I was reading National Cattlemen’s Beef Association‘s (“NCBA”)Beef Issues Quarterly for Fall 2010 and on Page 23 there is a great interview with Dr. Temple Grandin. …

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Other Blog Posts

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During the last few weeks, I have been busy drafting posts for a few other agriculture blogs.  Please check out some of the following posts: 1.  regarding general partnerships for horse owners; 2.  an interview with New York Agri-Women member Trina Hall; 3.  interviews with National Cattlemen’s Beef Association’s (“NCBA”) Young Producer Council (“YPC”) members Ben Spitzer, Chris Labbe, and …

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