Copyright Law: Six Common Questions and Answers

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Intellectual property law is confusing, to say the least.  Trademarks, copyrights, patents, trade secrets – oftentimes attorneys themselves can hardly distinguish between these concepts.  In an attempt to chip away at the mystery that is intellectual property, this blog answers six common questions about copyright law. What kind of work can be copyrighted? Copyright law protects works of authorship that …

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The Importance of Protecting Your Intellectual Property in Illinois

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As any innovator or creator knows, protecting your intellectual property is vitally important to your success. Doing so can help ensure that your creations and hard work are protected. The first step in protecting your intellectual property in Illinois is to be informed of the different types of ways you can protect your intellectual property. The next step is to …

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Strategies for Protecting Your Business’s Intellectual Property

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Before launching a business, entrepreneurs spend a substantial amount of time and money researching and developing their products or services. You may have worked with graphic designers and a marketing team to create a brand name and logo for your products or services. As the business grows and your products or services take off in the marketplace, competitors or counterfeiters …

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Episode 13 of Ag Law Today: Copyrights

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Hear me talk all things copyright law with New York intellectual property attorney Laura Winston on this week’s episode of Ag Law Today.  Such an important area of the law for everyone but especially for livestock photographers, food entrepreneurs and agri-business owners.

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Save the Date: Ag Law Webinar on Intellectual Property

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I will be moderating at webinar for the American Bar Association General Practice, Solo & Small Firm Division’s Agriculture Law Committee titled “Overview of Intellectual Property Law Affecting Farmers, Agri-Businesses and Food Entrepreneurs.”  Faculty members include: Joel Cape, Esq., Brian Gregg, Esq., Drew Kershen, Esq., Martha Noble, Esq. The discussion will include the following: (1) Overview of intellectual property regulation …

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