What Is a Business Grant and How Do I Obtain One?

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A business grant is a form of financial assistance given to a company by a government agency or private organization for a specific purpose. Grants, unlike loans, do not need to be paid back. Despite this benefit, finding a grant that your business qualifies for and submitting a complete application can be challenging. However, if your business could benefit from …

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What You Need to Know about Severance Packages

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Business owners agree that people are the lifeline of a company. The people you hire can make or break your business. Yet as an employer, it is essential to recognize that things change. There are instances when you may have to terminate an employee. Developing a severance package is one effective strategy for dealing with exiting employees. A severance package …

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Stay in Control: Good LLC Governance

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The LLC is a popular way to structure a business because it provides personal liability protection to the members– like a corporation does to its shareholders–but without as many administrative formalities. But if you’re an LLC member, don’t let this lull you into complacency. As a business owner, you’re responsible for the proper governance of the LLC.  If a conflict …

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I Need To Hire Someone for My Business; What Do I Need To Know?

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The goal of most businesses is to grow – at least somewhat.  However, in order to grow or to be able to step away from the business for a personal life, vacation, or other ventures, you’ll need help with day-to-day operations.  If you’ve never hired someone before – or it’s been a long time – don’t worry – here’s the …

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