Why You Need an Employer Identification Number

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There are many essential tasks to complete if you are thinking of forming a new business. An important but often overlooked step is obtaining an Employer Identification Number (EIN). An EIN is a nine-digit federal tax identification number obtained from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). It uniquely identifies a business entity and serves many purposes for a new company. The …

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I Need To Hire Someone for My Business; What Do I Need To Know?

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The goal of most businesses is to grow – at least somewhat.  However, in order to grow or to be able to step away from the business for a personal life, vacation, or other ventures, you’ll need help with day-to-day operations.  If you’ve never hired someone before – or it’s been a long time – don’t worry – here’s the …

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Choice of Business Entity Blog Series: The Sole Proprietorship

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I am oftentimes asked about the best choice of business entity for a farm/ranch, agri-business or food entrepreneur.  There is no one-size fits all answer to that question as each type of business entity offers different strengths and weaknesses.  It is important to pick the right business entity for your specific type of enterprise – the answer to that question may …

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